Strengthening ProComp

In 2005, Denver voters approved funding for a performance-based teacher compensation system. The Professional Compensation System for Teachers, or “ProComp,” is a nationally recognized performance-based compensation system that was created to reward and recognize Denver teachers with significant bonuses for having a direct impact on student outcomes.

ProComp was developed and implemented through a partnership between Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA).  In 2014, in anticipation of the renewal and renegotiation of the ProComp Agreement, DPS and DCTA convened a team of teachers and other employees to develop recommendations to improve ProComp. Among other things, this group of educators found that ProComp, as it exists today, has competing incentives that are not aligned with the goal of attracting and retaining strong teachers at hard-to-serve schools.

The Challenge

Top-performing schools are often competing with hard-to-serve schools for teacher talent because incentives are ultimately the same for working in either school. In many cases, incentives under ProComp are actually higher if a teacher works in a top-performing school. For example, teachers working in high-performing schools could double or even triple their ProComp incentive because those schools/teachers are more likely to also be eligible for the “high-growth” incentive, and the “exceeds expectations” incentive.

Our Work

Stand for Children Colorado is working with DPS educators to advocate for changes that strengthen ProComp to more effectively recruit and retain excellent teachers where they are needed the most – in our hard-to-serve schools. Learn how you can get involved by contacting our educator organizer

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