High-Quality Schools in Southwest and West Denver

For decades, too many kids in our state haven't received an education that prepared them to successfully graduate high school and college. This is unacceptable, and we must change the status quo to ensure that every child, regardless of background or zip code, has access to a high quality education.

The problem

The problem in Southwest and West Denver is even worse than many other areas of the state. According to a study we conducted with coalition partners, including A + Denver, Democrats for Education Reform, and Latinos for Education Reform, only one out of ten students that start school in Southwest and West Denver is likely to finish college in six years according to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. This is simply unacceptable.

Read the report and learn more about our work to improve schools in Southwest and West Denver.

It's time to make sure every child in Colorado has access to outstanding schools, not just some. Since 2013, Southwest and West Denver parents have led an effort to demand that school board members and district leaders address the chronically low-performing schools in the area and add more high-quality options. And their hard work is paying off.

Our work

Thanks to the valiant efforts of our members and other supporters, Denver Public Schools (DPS) agreed to phase out the lowest performing middle school in the area, approved and opened new high performing secondary school options to serve Southwest Denver, and is in the process of turning around three low performing elementary schools to drastically improve the quality of education for current students.

While the recent actions in these handful of schools represent a clear win for kids and our members, we can't stop now. We must continue to push DPS to address all of the problems and schools in Southwest and West Denver. For example, there is not a single blue elementary school in Southwest and West Denver, the highest rating given to DPS schools. Most of the elementary schools in the area are rated even lower. These facts continue to be unacceptable.

Southwest and West families deserve to have access to the best quality schools, just like other families across our city and state. Our members will continue to advocate for more quality school options in the area to make sure every family has a high-quality elementary, middle and high school option.

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