What We've Done

Our history and impact in a nutshell

We are committed to making sure every child in our state has access to quality public schools that will prepare them for their future. Since our office’s founding in 2009, we’ve achieved numerous victories that put us closer to that goal.

Our work across Colorado

  • Developing great teachers and leaders: We played a critical role in the 2010 campaign to pass Senate Bill 191, the Great Teachers and Leaders Law, which provides teachers and principals with meaningful annual evaluations, based on multiple measures to support their continuous growth. We continue to closely monitor implementation of this foundational legislation.
  • Improving literacy: During the 2012 legislative session, we worked in the coalition that advocated for the passage of the READ Act -- a bill that will ensure Colorado's struggling readers will get the support they need to improve their literacy skills before it's too late.
  • Supporting higher academic standards and smarter tests: We strongly support the implementation of Colorado’s Academic Standards and aligned assessments. For the last several years we have successfully defeated multiple attempts at the legislature to roll back the work of Colorado educators implementing the standards and utilizing the new tests in their classrooms.

Our work at the local school district level

  • Great Schools in Southwest and West Denver: Since 2013, we’ve led a campaign in Southwest and West Denver to call for Denver Public Schools (DPS) to address low-performing schools in this part of the city. As part of this work, our parents and staff knocked on the doors of over 1,000 households to distribute a report on Southwest and West Denver schools produced by a coalition of groups that included A+ Denver, Latinos for Education Reform, and Democrats for Education Reform (Read the report). We gathered 1,470 petitions from parents and community members who demanded a change in Southwest Denver schools and mobilized over 500 parents to take action. DPS had to respond and established a Task Force to address this issue -- developing improvement plans and new enrollment zones to improve low-performing elementary schools in Southwest Denver. 
  • Great Schools in Far Northeast Denver: In 2010, we led a campaign in Far Northeast Denver to call for Denver Public Schools (DPS) to address low-performing schools in this part of the city. We built community demand to turn around six of the state’s lowest performing schools in Far Northeast Denver and continue to organize parents to closely monitor the implementation of the turnaround plans.
  • Sustainable Funding in Denver and Aurora: We secured sustainable funding for facilities, high-quality early childhood education programs, classroom technology, and more for Denver Public Schools by helping pass a bond and mill levy. We also helped pass a mill levy to provide more Aurora Public Schools students with great teachers, technology, and more rigorous educational programs.
  • Help Elect Education Champions in Denver: Our members endorsed education champions during the 2009, 2011, and 2013 Denver school board races. 

Read more about our work in 2014 and what we accomplished thanks to the tireless support of our parents, teachers, partners, and supporters in the Stand for Children 2014 Annual Report.

Want more? Check out our 2013 Annual Report.

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