What We Stand For

We advocate for effective solutions to our education problems that benefit thousands of children today. To ensure that we continue the fight and maximize our collective impact across Colorado, we’re focused on key, high-impact policies for how to accomplish our mission of effectively closing the achievement gap.

Our work across Colorado: Many of the policies we work on are set at a state-level by elected and appointed bodies which include the Colorado State Legislature and the Colorado State Board of Education. Across our state, we're focused on making sure we have outstanding schools, excellent teachers, high academic standards and smarter tests, and education funding for what works.

Our work at the local school district level: Most of the decisions and policies that impact student achievement are developed and made at the local level by school boards, superintendents, district administrators, and principals. At the local level, we work to empower parents and educators so that local decision-makers do what’s right for kids. During the 2015-2016 school year, we’re focused on making sure every school in Southwest and West Denver is a quality school because every child deserves an excellent education.

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