Proposition 123

Why we Stand for Proposition 123

Proposition 123 (Prop. 123) is a compromise that settles an ongoing lawsuit between public schools and the state legislature regarding K-12 funding. It would put $3.5 billion into Arizona schools over the next ten years, without raising taxes. Instead, the funding would come from increased payout from the State Land Trust, as well as a sizable chunk ($625 million) from the general fund.

If passed, the funding would go to schools immediately, and they would decide how to use the funding. Would it solve all of our school districts’ woes? Of course not. But it would be an injection of money our students desperately need. 

And at Stand Arizona, we believe it is smart to take this next step forward, while still keeping our eyes down the road. And as the conversation grows on education funding, it is sure to spawn many other vital issues related to how schools get and spend money. We want to make sure the money is spent wisely, and is focused on getting the best performance possible out of our children.

But if Prop. 123 fails, the issue would go back to the courts -- keeping Arizona children in limbo -- further damaging Arizona’s economy and forcing even more teachers to make the hard choice between staying with the students they love, or leaving the state for more pay in California and Nevada.

That is why we hope you will Stand with us and vote yes on Prop. 123 on May 17th. Early voting starts on April 20th. Learn more about how to vote for kids on or before May 17th.

  • April 18 Last day to register to vote for the May 17th special election.
  • April 20 Early Voting Begins
  • May 6 Last day to request an early ballot for the special election
  • May 11 Recommended last day to mail in ballot

All ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day.

  • May 17 Election Day

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