Smarter Tests

Arizona adopted a new statewide assessment, AzMERIT, to measure whether or not students were meeting our state’s higher academic standards. This new, smarter test will act as an important check for parents and teachers to ensure our students are on track to proficiency in English language arts and math. This test measures our students’ ability to think critically, problem-solve, and communicate. But it is also more rigorous -- as are our state’s academic standards -- to ensure Arizona students are ready for college and career.

We’ve known for a long time that our students have not been prepared for college and career. For example, almost 60% of students in Arizona who enroll in a 2-year college program need remediation and aren’t ready for college-level material. A recent survey shows that less than 30% of employers say schools are adequately preparing students for the workplace today.

AzMERIT tests help parents and teachers measure how ready our students are for the next grade but also college and a career.

Learn more about AzMERIT.


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