What We Stand For

Our High-Impact Policies

We advocate for effective solutions to our education problems that impact families and students across our state. To ensure that we maximize our collective impact in Arizona, we’re focused on high-impact policies for effectively closing the achievement gap and increasing the number of our students who graduate high school ready for college.

We know we are on track to preparing every child in Arizona when:

  • High School Graduation Rate At least 93% of students are graduating high school by 2022 
  • Level of Preparation 90% of students are earning an ACT score of 18 or higher by 2022
  • Level of Access 50% of Arizona high schools have 50% of their students matriculating to community college or universities
  • Level of Achievement 75% of students are proficient in math and reading by 3rd grade

How We'll Get There: Our Policy Platform

  1. Teaching excellence: Every student must have an outstanding teacher who leads them to high levels of achievement
  2. Higher standards and smarter tests: Every student must be held to high expectations and have access to a curriculum that prepares them for advanced work in high school
  3. Sufficient funding, spent wisely: All resources must be intentionally directed to support student learning
  4. Electing Education Champions: We work to ensure that the individuals in charge of education policy are making the best decisions when it comes to our children’s future.

Our work across Arizona: Many of the education policies we work on are set at a state-level by elected and appointed officials, including the Arizona State Legislature and the Arizona State Board of Education. Some of the key issues we advocate for across our state include: great teachers and leaders, school funding, higher academic standards and smarter tests, quality schools, college and career readiness, and electing education champions.

Our work in Phoenix: Since our organization was established in Arizona in 2009, we’ve focused our work at the district level in three districts—Alhambra, Roosevelt, and Murphy. We work to empower parents and educators in those communities so that our local officials hear their voices and do what’s right for kids. That effort includes working with locally elected school boards, school leadership, and community leaders. Right now, we’re focused on the following key issues: proficiency rates in 3rd grade, school funding invested strategically, strong district leadership, English language learning supports, and college and career readiness.

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