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How we work to ensure a better education for all children

Our team is focused on key levers to improving our education system across Arizona. One of these levers is the graduation rate from high school in our state. Today, approximately one in four Arizona students do not graduate high school with their class.

We are simply not preparing our students for success in high school and that starts in the early years. Less than three quarters of 3rd graders in Arizona are proficient in math and reading.

Of those that do graduate high school, 60% are not ready for college-level work and require costly remediation to catch up on what they should have learned in high school. Many do poorly on entrance tests to college as they lack the necessary preparation to succeed. And those that do go to college are an increasing minority: 70% of college going students will come from just 250 high schools in Arizona by 2022.

At the same time, we know that 68% of all jobs in Arizona will require postsecondary education or training by 2020.

We need to increase the number of students who are prepared to graduate high school and succeed in college. Here’s how we’re getting there:

Family Engagement & Organizing

Organizing gathers voices of supporters who are just as passionate as we are to take a stand for a better education system in Arizona and mobilize their community for educational equality. We engage with parents and families to advocate for quality schools, sufficient education funding spent wisely, and accountability from elected officials.

Policy & Advocacy

One of the largest influences on a child’s education are the policies surrounding their education. In order for every child to graduate high school ready for college or career, smart education policies need to be in place that provide the best outcome for all children, regardless of their background. We engage with parents, educators, and families -- and we elevate those voices to ensure our elected officials and education leaders hear them and do what’s right for all kids.

Electoral Work

At Stand Arizona, we work tirelessly at the ballot box – from local school boards to the state legislature – to educate voters on issues and candidates who have the best track records on education, keeping children at the center of his or her policy priorities. Many of the decisions that impact student learning the most happen at the state or local level and that’s where we’re focused on electing education champions that will stand up for what’s best for students.

Join us.

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